Barry Penner, with his wife and daughter packing up his office. Notice that he still has the baby tucked under his arm. Totally doable, is all I’m saying. Especially for Barry Penner.



What, you didn’t seriously think I’d go all John Les on you?

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With Barry Penner’s announcement of his imminent departure from public life (which is looking less and less like a ruse all the time), I came to a sad realization. Of the four big players that were in place when I started this humble little site, only one remains.

First, El Gordo left the big job over some minor misunderstanding and got shipped off to some other country by mistake (British Columbia… Britain… eh, close enough).

Then Chuck Strahl decided to step away from the Federal game for some reason and handed the keys over to Mini-Chuck (Don’t dent the riding, boy! And bring it back with a full tank of gas!).

And now Barry Penner leaves behind the life of glamour and wonder that is being a provincial MLA and cabinet minister in order to spend more time with his family (a bold move that no politician has ever dared consider before).

Now only one still stands…

So tune in tomorrow as “Barry Penner is AWESOME” dies and “John Les… ugh. I guess.” rises from the ashes!


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You know what I love about this picture? No, it isn’t Barry Penner looking all official in front of a door and sign that look even more official. No, it’s not that the sign gives me the mental image of  Barry Penner spending his days at a desk in the middle of a Scrooge McDuck-style money vault. No, it’s that the picture was taken (according to the Government Flickr page) on August 16th… two days before Barry Penner announced he was stepping down. According to interviews, the tipping point for his decision came earlier this month, so he very likely knew that he would be stepping down as Attorney General while the photo was being taken in front of a gigantic golden ATTORNEY GENERAL sign.


But did he cancel the photo shoot? Did he ‘reschedule’ to a later day so as to keep his decision private but not waste the time taking pictures that would be relevant for only two days? Of course not. Because the world needs as any pictures of Barry Penner as it can possible get, and this… this is a good one.



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Okay, so Barry Penner wants to spend more time with his new daughter. Fine. I’ve certainly heard of worse reasons to quit a job. But the thing is… he doesn’t have to quit his job just to spend time with his kid. As he shows right there, a baby is the perfect accessory for today’s busy MLA, both classy and practical! He can just tuck little Fintry there under his arm, and go about his business as usual, MLA-ing all over the place. And knowing how much of a trend-setter Barry Penner is, pretty soon everyone in Victoria will be showing up for work with their offspring along for the ride.



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I’m sure this is all a ruse designed to lure all the province’s bad guys into a false sense of security… then when they least expect it…

BAM! Barry Penner! Right between the eyes!