Here are some of the many, many questions that I get asked on a regular basis, plus one or two (or all) that I made up on the spot.

  • Who is Barry Penner?

Barry Penner is the MLA for Chilliwack-Hope. For more information about Barry Penner, please contact your local Barry Penner (or click here).

  • Why is he so awesome?

Here’s a website that may answer that for you.

  • Really, though, why do you think Barry Penner is so awesome?

Just look at the pictures, man! How can anybody with pictures like those NOT be awesome?

  • Who are you anyhow, Mr Writer-Of-This-Website-Guy? (or Mrs Writer- Of-This-Website-Gal)

Barry Penner’s mom Just one of the many people in the riding of Chilliwack-Hope with an appreciation for Barry Penner’s… unique media presence.

  • What time is it?

What do I look like, some sort of Barry Penner themed timepiece? Buy a watch already.

  • Where am I?

Um… At (the cool kids call it BPiA, donchaknow).

  • How are you doing?

Fine, thanks. You?

  • Seriously, all this Barry Penner stuff is getting kind of creepy.

That isn’t a question.