Barry Penner’s photos are a lot less exciting since he left The Environment post. Nothing against these ladies, but standing next to two of his employees in front of a sign in what looks like a hotel lobby just lacks a certain something.


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You know, I’ve been thinking. Yeah, Barry Penner is awesome and all, but doesn’t that seem like it’s a lot of work? Wouldn’t it be better if he were just… normal. No pressure to fix everything or blow everyone away every time you make a speech. Just show up and be a totally normal guy. That would be something, wouldn’t it?


In fact, it’s probably about time for a little visual refresh of this website. The whole ‘trees and clouds’ thing was alright when he was a fun-loving happy-go-lucky Environment Minster, but Barry Penner’s come a long way since then. He’s now a serious person with a serious job dealing with serious things. It’s time this serious website reflected that.


Yeah, this is a layout befitting such a serious, normal person. Excellent.


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So water coolers all over were buzzing last week with the hot political question of the moment: What method will BC choose for the referendum on the HST later this year?  Well, the speculation can finally end, Barry Penner has the answer: a mail in ballot! He explains why:

“In choosing a mail-in vote, we thought carefully about voter turnout and the significant cost savings in having a mail-in ballot,” Penner said. “We determined the mail-in was the best option.” – CBC News

So it’s cheaper, easier for the voters, will have higher turnout, and best of all, every single person in the province is going to get mail from Barry Penner himself! How exciting! It’ll be like Christmas! I know I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and apparently there’s some sort of Federal thing going on. I don’t think one is allowed to vote for Barry Penner in that. You can certainly try, though.

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So after all the dust has settled, Barry Penner has a new boss and the same old job. Exciting. Well, I guess the AG job isn’t that old compared to his Environment gig, but he doesn’t even get to order new business cards. Sadly, he does have to throw away the thousands of  “Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation” cards that just came in the mail last week (or at least cross out everything after the ‘A’ and pencil in ‘ttorney General’).

However, none of that is really important compared to this: During the swearing in ceremony, he was presented with a neat little box! That’s sure to come in handy; just think of all the stuff he can store in it! Like business cards!


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