Apologies to everyone for the dead air over the last couple of months. Some of us took the news of his eventual retirement a little harder than others and needed a little time to come to grips with the new… reality. Of course, the problem here wasn’t with Barry Penner, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope.  He continued to be as awesome as ever. Take this from last month, for instance:

“These solar panels are a tangible example of how we can take steps to meet our energy needs with a reduced impact on the environment,” Chilliwack-Hope MLA Barry Penner said. “B.C. is blessed with an array of renewable energy options, including wind, hydro and solar energy.” – Chilliwack Times

See? You can take the MLA out of the Environment Ministry, but you can’t take the Environment Minister out of the MLA. Going on about renewable energy and solar power and all that… it’s enough to bring tears to your eye. He may not be in charge of any BC-wide portfolios anymore (after fixing The Environment, Aboriginal Relations, and all crime in BC), but Barry Penner is sure to remain in the public eye, even if it is just in matters pertaining to the eastern Fraser Valley. So, Barry Penner is AWESOME will continue to be your best place to come for information about the best MLA for Chilliwack-Hope ever. I can’t promise frequent updates, but I’ll do what I can.


And of course, you will have noticed that this site has returned to ‘BPiA Classic’. I never really took to the uptight so-called ‘professional’ theme that’s been around here over the last little while.  This will always be BPiA to me.



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Okay, so it’s really the only day of note in BPiA history, but still. One year ago, Barry Penner is Awesome launched to… well… relative apathy. Its mission was to spread the word of Barry Penner, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope and Minister for All Outdoors. The specific word to be spread: Awesome. The first post, as you can see linked up above, was a simple list of some of the more persuasive examples of Barry Penner being his Barry Penner self. For some reason, this one post wasn’t enough. Not one to let the Barry Penner Truth fall away, I proceeded to offer a different convincing argument for Barry Penner EVERY SINGLE DAY (except for the days that I didn’t for some reason) for a year. And I think it’s gone well! Surely by now Barry Penner is leading the polls for pretty much everything. Perhaps I can take a break and lay off this whole Barry Penner thing for a bit. You know, read a book, watch some TV, that sort of thing. Hey, I wonder what’s in the news…

Barry Penner and John Les are on a hit-list of 24 MLAs targeted by the anti-HST forces for recall.

“We have more (petition) signatures than John Les and Barry Penner had votes in the last election,” said Ben Besler, anti-HST organizer in Chilliwack. – The Chilliwack Progress

Come on, people! John Les I can see, but BARRY PENNER?!? Has nobody been paying attention?


See you tomorrow.

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Don’t worry, nearly every other post on this website has to do with Barry Penner, so you can just breathe deep, ignore this post, and come back tomorrow for the Barry Penner you so desperately need. Or, if you are bored, you can read this post and find out a few new things about this site.

First, it seems that we have been getting a little attention these past few days (the word is spreading!), so I have created a totally new section of the website to chronicle it: Praise for BPiA. I admit it, it’s completely self serving and of no interest to anybody but me. Check it out anyway!

Second, BPiA now has a Twitter account. All new posts here will show up there as they are posted, along with my occasional Barry Penner-related thoughts that fit in 140 characters or less. All the fun of BPiA with almost none of the content!