With Barry Penner’s announcement of his imminent departure from public life (which is looking less and less like a ruse all the time), I came to a sad realization. Of the four big players that were in place when I started this humble little site, only one remains.

First, El Gordo left the big job over some minor misunderstanding and got shipped off to some other country by mistake (British Columbia… Britain… eh, close enough).

Then Chuck Strahl decided to step away from the Federal game for some reason and handed the keys over to Mini-Chuck (Don’t dent the riding, boy! And bring it back with a full tank of gas!).

And now Barry Penner leaves behind the life of glamour and wonder that is being a provincial MLA and cabinet minister in order to spend more time with his family (a bold move that no politician has ever dared consider before).

Now only one still stands…

So tune in tomorrow as “Barry Penner is AWESOME” dies and “John Les… ugh. I guess.” rises from the ashes!


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With El Gordo’s announced resignation, Barry Penner’s plan is finally becoming clear. Here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

  1. Fix The Environment
  2. Get transferred out of that dead-end Environment Minister job
  3. Convince El Gordo to quit (read between the lines of Barry Penner’s comments here… it’s obvious it was Barry Penner’s doing)
  4. Become the new Premier of British Columbia
  5. and so forth.

Obviously, we aren’t sure of all the details yet, but it’s clear now that the road to the premier’s office has opened up for the best MLA in existence in the history of the universe. I’d be surprised if they even bother with a leadership convention; it’s obvious that Barry Penner is their man.

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Barry Penner is always concerned when he isn’t the one giving the speech. Oddly, El Gordo is fine with it.


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Laugh it up while you can, John.  Barry Penner is going to be standing next to El Gordo soon enough…


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Barry Penner and El Gordo share a well-deserved congratulatory handshake.  I guess the joke was a hit after all!


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