So, in news that has surprised precisely nobody, Since Barry Penner’s departure, his former colleagues are leaving Government life in droves to follow in his footsteps and join the ranks of the Former Liberal Cabinet Members (you should hear their new single… a real toe tapper). It sure was nice of them to space it all out so that it wasn’t totally obvious that’s what they were doing at least. Kevin Falcon today, and apparently another trio tomorrow, including Barry’s Chilli-buddy John Les. Just make sure you remember who started it all.


Oh John Les… you won’t be missed.

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Barry Penner seems to be taking this whole ‘retirement’ thing a little too seriously. Look Barry, just because you are retiring from public life doesn’t mean you need to be moving in to a retirement community. You’re still young!

Of course, John Les is just tagging along as usual.




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With Barry Penner’s announcement of his imminent departure from public life (which is looking less and less like a ruse all the time), I came to a sad realization. Of the four big players that were in place when I started this humble little site, only one remains.

First, El Gordo left the big job over some minor misunderstanding and got shipped off to some other country by mistake (British Columbia… Britain… eh, close enough).

Then Chuck Strahl decided to step away from the Federal game for some reason and handed the keys over to Mini-Chuck (Don’t dent the riding, boy! And bring it back with a full tank of gas!).

And now Barry Penner leaves behind the life of glamour and wonder that is being a provincial MLA and cabinet minister in order to spend more time with his family (a bold move that no politician has ever dared consider before).

Now only one still stands…

So tune in tomorrow as “Barry Penner is AWESOME” dies and “John Les… ugh. I guess.” rises from the ashes!


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Barry Penner always takes such care and consideration when deciding what to wear. John Les just copies whatever Barry Penner is wearing. Time and time again.



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Why is Barry Penner the only one taking this seriously? C’mon people! Stop goofing around; this hole isn’t going to ceremoniously fill itself!


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