I’m not sure, but I think this means that Barry Penner is Ringo.  I would say Paul, but he’s obviously wearing shoes. And not smoking.

[Agassiz-Harrison Observer - October 1, 2009 (Page 6)]

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Barry Penner gets some crazy deja vu sometimes. He’s pretty sure he’s been on this tractor before… in this field… wearing this jacket… giving the same people the same best wishes… Huh. Weird. It’s probably nothing.

[SOURCE - Agassiz-Harrison Observer, Sept 17/09]

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Barry Penner gives the Thumbs Up Of Approval (or the ‘Thumbs Up’ Of Approval, as it seems) to the Agassiz Fall Fair, fields, tractors, and plowing! He’s also really impressed that it’s the 103rd Fall Fair. He had this thing pegged to fizzle out somewhere around 102. Still, he’s happy to be wrong if it means he gets to ride his tractor around again!

SOURCE – Agassiz-Harrison Observer (I don’t know the exact date, but logic would suggest the week of the 07 Fall Fair)

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