Apologies to everyone for the dead air over the last couple of months. Some of us took the news of his eventual retirement a little harder than others and needed a little time to come to grips with the new… reality. Of course, the problem here wasn’t with Barry Penner, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope.  He continued to be as awesome as ever. Take this from last month, for instance:

“These solar panels are a tangible example of how we can take steps to meet our energy needs with a reduced impact on the environment,” Chilliwack-Hope MLA Barry Penner said. “B.C. is blessed with an array of renewable energy options, including wind, hydro and solar energy.” – Chilliwack Times

See? You can take the MLA out of the Environment Ministry, but you can’t take the Environment Minister out of the MLA. Going on about renewable energy and solar power and all that… it’s enough to bring tears to your eye. He may not be in charge of any BC-wide portfolios anymore (after fixing The Environment, Aboriginal Relations, and all crime in BC), but Barry Penner is sure to remain in the public eye, even if it is just in matters pertaining to the eastern Fraser Valley. So, Barry Penner is AWESOME will continue to be your best place to come for information about the best MLA for Chilliwack-Hope ever. I can’t promise frequent updates, but I’ll do what I can.


And of course, you will have noticed that this site has returned to ‘BPiA Classic’. I never really took to the uptight so-called ‘professional’ theme that’s been around here over the last little while.  This will always be BPiA to me.



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Barry Penner’s ongoing feud with his cat Ranger has taken an interesting turn.  While Barry and this animal have had their disagreements in the past, it appears that Barry Penner may have finally found a use for his flammable feline. It seems a Facebook crowd is forming to do as Facebook crowds do and determine the next leader of the BC Liberal party.  Their chosen candidate? None other than Barry’s very own kitty companion, Ranger. Of course, this makes perfect sense. You get Barry Penner’s cat elected to the top of the BC Liberal totem pole, and you naturally get all the wisdom and experience of the world’s best Former Minister of the Environment And Current Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, but keep Barry Penner free to be his usual Environment-Ministering and Aboriginal-Reconciliationing self. The best of both worlds, I’d say.

Clearly, this is being masterminded by Barry “the puppetmaster” Penner, in a bid to install a new premier that he alone controls with his secret stash of organic catnip and dolphin-friendly tuna fish. It may be a bit of a modification to his master plan, but a well-thought out one, worthy of any Bond villain. What does Barry Penner have to say about this?

“He’s clawing his way to the top.”

- Barry Penner (Vancouver Sun)

Look out, Victoria. Ranger’s coming.

Draft Ranger the Cat for Leader (Facebook)

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After a minor leak in Burrard Inlet, Barry Penner decided to take matters into his own hands, wading into the front line, taking on the role of head of BC’s Oil Spill Central.

As The Vancouver Sun explains, Barry Penner may not have totally thought this through…

Problem is, the category of minor leaks is so broad, the minister is now receiving personal dispatches every time a drop of petroleum hits the dirt.

“I’ve been getting numerous messages per day from everything from oil seen in a parking lot in Saanich to yesterday a trucker over fueling his tanker truck near Vernon and spilling approximately one litre of diesel in the parking lot and then mopping it up,” Penner said Monday. – Vancouver Sun

I would like to personally apologize to Barry Penner for the canola oil that I spilled in my kitchen last night while making popcorn. I hope it didn’t distract you from important Ministerial things.

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By now I assume everyone has read the tale of Barry Penner’s Earth Hour adventures. For those of you that haven’t, here is a rundown: Barry Penner lit his cat on fire. There’s a bit more to the story than that, but nothing that makes any difference, really. Barry Penner, friend to all of The Environment, which includes animals, lit his cat (above, in bow tie) on fire. In his own words:

“We actually enjoyed a very romantic candlelit dinner that was only interrupted when our cat set himself on fire by brushing up against the flame, which caused some excitement,”

Suuuure, the cat set himself on fire. I know my cat does that all the time. It’s not like Barry Penner has a documented history of animosity with this animal. He was just trying to set the mood for a romantic evening with his wife, how was he supposed to know that the cat was flammable?

“It will be a night that we’ll remember for a long time.”

The moral of the story? Barry Penner is a man that knows that revenge is a dish best served on fire (like at one of those fancy restaurants), so don’t get on his bad side. You’ll get burned. And have to wear a goofy bow tie in the newspaper.

Side note: Alternate titles for this post included ‘Barry Penner’s Cat-dle Lit Dinner’, ‘Barry Penner’s Carbon Paw-Print’, and ‘Barry Penner in the Dining Room with the Candlestick’. You are welcome.

Side side note: Barry Penner’s Earth Hour Adventures was the original name of the Saturday morning cartoon that became Captain Planet and the Planeteers. True story.

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Barry Penner has strong words for all of you out there with more… unusual pets:

“Come April 1, if you have one of these alien species you could get a visit from a conservation officer or the police,” said Penner.

- Vancouver Sun

So look out, all of you nefarious alien-loving folks! Hide your tribbles, or face the wrath of Barry Penner!

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