After a minor leak in Burrard Inlet, Barry Penner decided to take matters into his own hands, wading into the front line, taking on the role of head of BC’s Oil Spill Central.

As The Vancouver Sun explains, Barry Penner may not have totally thought this through…

Problem is, the category of minor leaks is so broad, the minister is now receiving personal dispatches every time a drop of petroleum hits the dirt.

“I’ve been getting numerous messages per day from everything from oil seen in a parking lot in Saanich to yesterday a trucker over fueling his tanker truck near Vernon and spilling approximately one litre of diesel in the parking lot and then mopping it up,” Penner said Monday. – Vancouver Sun

I would like to personally apologize to Barry Penner for the canola oil that I spilled in my kitchen last night while making popcorn. I hope it didn’t distract you from important Ministerial things.

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You may wonder exactly what the process is to determine how much snow there is up in the mountains. It’s actually very complicated, as Barry Penner explains:

The minister said he was in the North Okanagan last week for a snow survey conducted by ministry staff at a course with 10 specific measurement locations that have been assessed in the last 41 years.

“Of the 10 specific places we went to measure snow, eight did not have any snow and two just had little patches. It’s just an indicator there isn’t a lot of snow we can look to to refill the reservoirs.”

- The Globe and Mail

So for those of you who couldn’t follow along, basically what happens is if there isn’t snow on the ground, that is an indicator that there isn’t a lot of snow. Thank you Barry Penner, for demystifying the process!

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Barry Penner has strong words for all of you out there with more… unusual pets:

“Come April 1, if you have one of these alien species you could get a visit from a conservation officer or the police,” said Penner.

- Vancouver Sun

So look out, all of you nefarious alien-loving folks! Hide your tribbles, or face the wrath of Barry Penner!

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Okay, so the Winter Olympics have come and gone, and are generally regarded as a huge success. Best ever, some would argue. Barry Penner has an idea why:

It seems to me these Olympics have been like Expo on steroids,” he said.

-Chilliwack Progress

Way to go, Barry. I think you just disqualified the Olympics from themselves.

How embarrassing.

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I’d like to apologize to all the loyal Barry Penner followers for getting this post up so late. In my defense, I am sick. I’ve come down with a little thing called Olympic fever. I spent all day yesterday coughing, hacking, and watching CTV; it was terrible. However, it seems that I am not alone. Barry Penner may not be going to any Olympic events, but that doesn’t mean he’s not celebrating Canada’s games. He’s throwing his own party, and everyone is invited:

“This is another way to celebrate the 2010 Winter Games,” said Environment Minister Barry Penner. “We welcome everyone to drop by SFU or BCIT to check out the cabins.”


The cabins will highlight BC Parks, and also have information about Climate Action policies, Water Stewardship, and Environmental Protection initiatives with brochures, posters, children’s games, and videos.

- Ministry of Environment News Release

What better way to celebrate the international spirit of sporting brotherhood and competition than by going out to BCIT and checking out a cabin! Environmental Protection initiatives are the new gold medals, after all!

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