Pre-MLA Life

Not too much is known about Barry Penner prior to his explosive entrance onto the political scene in 1996. What is known is that he was born on the moon and learned how to juggle at a very young age. As a young man, Barry Penner invented the steam-powered boomerang and spent much of his time fighting crime under the guise of Captain Incredible, the Incredible Captain. After several decades of saving damsels and punching evil in the nose, Barry Penner decided it was time to settle down to a normal life, so he ditched his Captain Incredible persona and adopted a new one: Captain Normal, the Incredible Captain. After about two weeks of buying groceries and driving the speed limit, Barry Penner once again succumbed to the siren call of the hero’s life. He ditched his Captain Normal life and ran for public office!

Life in Government

Barry Penner was elected as the MLA for the riding of Chilliwack in 1996. Since then, he has used his incredible influence to expand his riding to engulf first Kent in 2001 and then Hope in 2009. Scientists extrapolate that Barry Penner will be MLA for the entire province (the riding of Chilliwack-RestOfBC) by 2021.  Barry Penner was appointed Minister of the Environment in 2005 and spent his time saving the damsels of endangered species and punching the evils of greenhouse gas emissions in the nose until October 2010. He then jumped over to take on the dual jobs of Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and the Attorney General for a few months. Barry Penner currently focuses 125% of his focus on being BC’s Attorney General, which means he literally punches evils in the nose. Figuratively speaking.

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